Mining Engineering

Mining Engineering focuses on the use of Technology & Science to improve the efficiency and productivity of mining process. Mining involves various stages . The process can be said to be made of stages like Mineral discovery, Mineral exploration, Mineral Excavation, Mineral processing and Mineral Production.123

A  Mining Engineer is a trained Professional who is capable of taking care of mining operations at both surface and underground Levels. A Mining Engineering is involved in stages like Mineral exploration, estimation of the size of the mineral deposit, assessing viability, Mine Structure planning, Project planning, Mineral processing, Mineral Production and man management.

Candidates who want to apply for this course for a Diploma should be of Minimum age of 17 Years as or on before July 1st of the Examination year. Examination for this course are annual ( Once in a year ) and not semester wise.      

The Departments of Mining Engineering at Bundu, Ranchi are well equipped to meet the challenges in this crucial domain. The Department are committed to nurture and groom engineers of high caliber with sound technical knowledge and problems solving capabilities.

The Faculty are a very cohesive group of highly motivated and committed individuals who have a good track record. Students are encouraged to attend seminars and symposiums conducted by leading industry experts in emerging and latest trends in this fields.

Diverse Job opportunities exist in front of Qualified Mining Engineers. Both Government and Private sectors jobs are available in front of them. other than Regular jobs, Self employment opportunities are also available in front of them ( in the form of Consultation, Marketing, Mineral Production and processing Business etc).

Career Opportunities

  • Geological Survey of India (GSI)
  • Oil & Natural gas Exploration Firms
  • Coal India Limited
  • Oil India Limited (OIL)
  • Coal and Mineral Quarries
  • Refineries
  • SAIL
  • ONGC
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